Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So you want to be a rockstar?

Been an awesome weekend. Of course, all awesomeness comes with a price - the last two weeks of uni, assessment upon assessment and I did a total of zero studying. Test tomorrow, but instead I'm typing this.

But back to the coolness of the weekend.
One of my coworkers asked to swap shifts, and so instead of the usual 7am start on Saturday, I had the day free with the later 3pm start.

Friday night was a bit of a meh. Went to see the Dukes of Hazzard which had the propensity to be highly amusing, but I dropped my ice cream on the floor at the very start of the movie and so spent the first half of it in a bad mood. Then I realised that I didn't really understand most of the hillbilly jokes, so it went a bit over my head. Or under my chin, come to think of it. Towards the end the movie was great fun, cool car chases, good guys win, etc. "Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it".

Then there was a bit of a shindig at the Monkey Bar which was utterly boring and three guys got rather smashed, and that was that. I took off for a while to Nandos to recollect the tender taste of chicken breast. Gave me a chance to restore glucose levels I was desperately craving since the ice cream fiasco and cool off a bit.

I went back and after everyone decided to go home, we popped into Molly Mollone's to the Piano Man. He was pretty good, tinkling away on the baby grand. Unfortunately he played a bunch of songs I didn't really know, so it was not all that entertaining. I gave him some cash, he said thank you, it was grand. Pun intended.

We headed up the Courtanay Place to grab a taxi and during this adventure, we came upon the new greatest invention created by Chow - The Cabaret. We absolutely had to go and see what's inside. Well I did, my accomplice followed! While the act that night was kinda beatniky, the atmosphere there is absolutely amazing - red stage curtains, bright rugs, nice couches, and, of course, the tastiest Chow finger-food and cocktails. I must go back at some stage when there's a better act on.

Eventually we got around to getting a taxi home, and that was all good. Love taxi rides - so smooth and full of lullaby.

Then came the bed, and sleep. Sleep is good. Morning came and no time would be wasted, for ahead of us we had a trip to the Zoo! And everyone knows how much I love the Zoo!

So off we went, like Dorothy and Tin Man and whoever else was in that story. My analogy fails here.

Zoo was AWESOME! Animals and animals and trees and animals, and the food at Eva Dixon's was ok and the coffee was fantastic, and did I mention there was lots of animals? yes well, I got a bit giddy. There was lots of happiness in this little girl. Ok, maybe not so little.

Then we went home, and I had work at 3pm.

The next day, the usual Sunday brunch was cancelled due to lack of participants - most of the O-Bot crew took off to the ski slopes (although I doubt there was much skiing), and the rest of people left here couldn't be bothered.

So once again, it was the case of "and then there were two". We went to Plum for lunch. The plumster and VLAT disappointed quite a bit, but them's the breaks. The crossword wasn't much better.

So then we went for a ride. Mmmm car ride. Did I mention I made a mix CD? I'm such a dork. Surprisingly all the songs that came on were approved by the driver, so I will live to see yet another day! We went to Wainuiomata Beach. It's the longest most amazing drive ever, with lots of views and sheep and cows and crazy Minis driving three times the speed limit in the opposite direction and skidding all over the road. The beach was cool too - you can see the vastness of the ocean and the colours change from blue to aqua to almost green where they meet the sky and change back to different shades of blue. There were lots of interesting rocks and we even found a stick that looks like it could be sold as an expensive P.I.M.P. cane! There were three kids on the beach that played with the waves crashing on the rocks and for a moment there the ocean made us join in. Overall it was absolutely fantastic.

The noise of the ocean and all the wind gave me a hell of a headache by the time I got back to the car though, but nothing some caffeine overdose couldn't fix.

Then we headed out to Lower Hutt where there is a Japanese restaurant - Ichiban Teppanyaki. You sit around a hot plate and the chef comes out and cooks the food for you. It's a pretty awesome place and everyone is very friendly. Strikes as the kind of place you'd want to bring out all your friends to celebrate someone's birthday or as a going away party. There was heaps of food and it was all very filling, all for the set menu price of $18. Not bad at all!

Actually we were a bit early in Lower Hutt for dinner, so we went and got a coffee first and then went to Riverbank carpark (which was empty!) and I made attempts at driving. As usual that affair ended in tears, so let's not talk about that. I am just not good at doing things I suck at, ie. I don't cope well with failing. And I don't think "practice makes perfect" will apply in my case. Perhaps I am just doomed to never be a driver. Or a pianist for that matter, but that's an entirely different story with much similar ending.

So the food was great, and before we knew it Saturday and Sunday passed us by. Of course CSI and NCIS to finish it all off, and that's the recipe for a perfect weekend.

P.S. I'm getting to be really good at procrastination. I wonder if they award degrees in that.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Logan Brown FTW.

Went to dinner at Logan Brown last night. Fairly certain I experienced what diabetics world wide feel every day. Hyperglycaemia - it's a bittersweet friend, pain and suffering yet utter happiness.

The food was awesome, the service wasn't exceptional but above par, the company was fantastic.

Overall a great night.

Pro tip: Do not have the sticky dessert wine with the bittersweet chocolate torte unless you want to consume your entire life's glucose quota in one sitting.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Two days

Another pamphlet drop last night. Three hour beat, I'm very sore today.

On the upside, whatever happens or doesn't happen, I won't have to be part of any electioneering activities for three years to come. Phew. The ocean is nice to look at, but as soon as you head out for a swim, you realise how dangerous it is and how easy it is to drown.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Annoyance: Foraging in the fridge for the three month old container of ice cream you left there before going on a stupid fad diet and finding it 97% empty.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Rampant Hypocrisy

Vegetarian for three years - start eating meat.
Swear off all men - go on a date.
Proclaim WoW is the best game ever - cancel my account.

*sigh* what's the world coming to?

Only four weeks of Uni left. Then exams. Then what? Hopefully I'll get a summer studentship somewhere, I've applied for a job at HortResearch, ESR, and two at Uni.

I've finished reading The Religion War by Scott Adams. Despite a fairly slow start, it turned out to be a very good book. Also finished the Jeremy Clarkson book - a lol a minute.

Got a hold of season three of Gilmore Girls, now my witticism education may continue!