Sunday, January 21, 2007

A series of unfortunate events

Seeing other people update their blogs inspires me to write in mine. Feedreader is a wonderful software and everyone who reads blogs should have it installed - saves me checking if anyone has updated, the new gossip is conviniently delivered as soon as it's updated.

Everyone lately has been writing about the wow expansion. Well there was the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good - I pre-ordered a collector's edition, and the shop where I ordered only got allocated one copy, and they decided to give it to the person who ordered first, and, well, that was me. So I kind of felt like I'd won lotto for a while, and it was fantastic when it arrived - so big, so many extra bits and pieces, so worth it.

The bad - I installed it, it had issues with the patch, I rebooted and my hard drive has packed a sad. Wasn't being recognised by Windows, the chkdsk was freezing, and I wasn't able to use Windows even though the operating system is on a different drive, because having this bung drive obviously confuses it to hell and back and it takes five minutes per click.

So I rang my friend and he had the software that you can boot with and it analyses your drive and fixes bad sectors by re-allocating data and what not.

Here comes the ugly - the software estimates that it will take a year to finish the scan. It's not kidding either, it's been running so far for 74 hours, and has got through 59% - kinda sad because it went from 20% to 59% in the space of a night, and has been on that 59% for the last two days.

And tomorrow is my birthday and I want to play the expansion, damit :(

I've read JTHM book, it's tres funny. Kinda reminds me of that TV show Dexter. And Zim of course, since it's the same author.

Work has extended my contract until the 16th of March, so now I'm not sure whether they're prolonging the inevitable or just need to consult their finances before offering me a full time position. It's a sweet little job - lots of Excel which I'm good at, and very friendly team. Even managers are nice, which I'm not used to.

Poker hasn't been going too well, but I'm yet to deposit real money on it, so I suppose it's ok. Although someone transferred me some money and I lost it, so that's not too nice.

Not much else has been happening, my flatmates got a kitten from SPCA, and it doesn't really mix well with my bird. Might have to move house.

Monday, January 01, 2007


So I've discovered the joys of online poker. There is more to the game than just sheer luck, and I'm really enjoying reading all the strats, probabilities, bluff strategies, and various secrets associated with the game. Especially fun is the poker slang that seems to have infiltrated the English language and I didn't even notice.

I play on pokerstars and Pokerstars is where all the pros play and it has about 10000 people on at any given time. But I don't like the interface, it's a bit clunky and somewhat old school. Poker one is much prettier and it has freerolls every three hours (you pay nothing, but if you place or win, you get real cash prizes), so yeah I've pretty much been playing poker non stop for the last three days or so. I came 6th in one of the freerolls, and so I now even have $2.50 in my account. I'm still to scared to play with real money, so just keep plucking away at the fake money they give you to try in "play money" games. And, well, freerolls cost nothing.

So yeah, give me a holla sometime if you also think the game is fun and if you might want to play, there is a link on the left there for the download.

In other news, Wii is awesome!