Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aggravation and loop holes.

Argh so annoyed - replied to a text and it tells me i don't have enough funds.. ring *333, it says I've only sent 40 texts since I topped up. Ring customer services they say that i've used up my 10 dollars on texts to 021 and only the first ten texts to 027 activate the 500 texts deal.

Look up the Telecom site, nowhere there does it discriminate between 021 and 027 for the text deal. Annoyed. Again.

Ring back customer services. Again.

Now things are making sense - I topped up and then made a phone call and browsed the WAP. So I had ten dollars, sent 40 txts at 20c each and ran out of credit. So because I hadn't sent the 50 texts yet, the 500 txt deal hadn't activated.. so if I top up with 2 dollars, I can send the extra 10 messages and activate it for the rest of the month... of course the clever catch is I can't top up with just two dollars because minimum is $10. But the $8 will carry over for the next month. *sigh*

Lesson of the day: Don't make calls or browse WAP after topping up. And someone should fire the first customer rep.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't sway, don't ever go away.

Has the week been and gone already? Time is sure flying. The last week of Uni now. I blew today off because it was cold and rainy outside and I couldn't be really bothered going outside (naughty). Stayed at home and worked on my pharmacology assignment, so at least something got done.

Another great weekend went past. Friday night saw a lot of drinking: Hoegaarden at Leuwen, Hoeegarden at Monkey Bar, Long Island Ice Tea at Vespa, Appletini at Jet Bar, shots at Shack. Yummy yummy alcohol. The Friday night movie was '40 year old virgin', it was so hysterically funny I think I still have a sore stomach from all the laughing.

Saturday afternoon was spent in the forest with dogs.. Oh my, how I love animals. It was just such a great day, I can't stop thinking about it. All the trees, and grass, and doggies. Mmm.

Then I got to attend a birthday party at which I knew pretty much no one, but I managed to get friendly with a couple of people or three, so in the end it was an awesome evening. The food and wine were fantastic too. The daylight savings time didn't help though - get home at 2am, next thing it's 4am. Oops!

For Sunday, I organised a birthday dinner for one of the guys. Back to Ichiban Teppanyaki we went. This time it was even more fun - the chefs pulled out all the stops with throwing and twirling and fire lighting. The food was great, and sake even better.

CSI and NCIS to finish it up and once again a great weekend.

I just can't seem to get enough of it all. <3.