Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Days of our lives

Not much on the news front - same old, same old.

So very much not studying for my test on Friday either, ah well.

Went out to Lindale for ice cream on Sunday afternoon - was a fun drive, love the trip to Lindale, the ice cream was good too.

The strangest thing happened tonight - I was watching Gilmore Girls (as you do) and the scene had a clock in it, and it read 9:12pm. At this point, I glanced over to my laptop and saw that the time was 9:12pm. Eerie, no?

I remember another strange TV related thing - one of the Cold Case episodes has my exact date of birth as one of its case dates at the intro scene.

And on Sunday, in NCIS, the character's last name was only two letters longer than mine and otherwise the same. My surname at that.

Well, so much for spooky, back to WoW.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Repetition and Patience

I'm finding it somewhat amusing that I don't even remember what I write in my blog - I go to tell someone an original piece of news, only to be greeted with "I already know, I read your blog". This blogging business really eliminates any need for interpersonal relations.

I went to see The Island last night. A bit of a mind fuck of a movie, not too dissimilar from The Matrix. Nice overall, exciting action scenes, good actors, about 40 minutes too long for my attention span. As I do, I spent about 3 hours afterwards thinking about the message in the movie. It didn't feel too good. Just another organ plantation, my body. Maybe that's why I'm not a donor on my driving license. My body is for me, thanks very much. Maybe that's why I don't have life insurance - eliminates the possibility of someone killing me for money. Ooh paranoia, how I love you so.

But yeah, the movie was good. I especially liked the scenes where they showed how product lived day to day. I think I would enjoy such an existance - meals planned, clothes ready, nothing to worry about, everything provided. It's great and ignorance is still bliss.

Only three weeks till the next set of holidays. I have a test next Friday and an assignment due the day before that. I suppose I should make some sort of attempt at getting ready for those two events. Mmmm laziness.

Here's a dilemma: if you had two people whom you'd considered friends, and one told you something in confidence, and then the other one told you the direct opposite (also, in confidence), obviously you couldn't call either of them on it. Thus, how would you find out which one lied and therefore wasn't your friend?

P.S. I've decided there's more to life than belonging to someone. Uh oh, if I keep saying things like that, I might be the one sent to the Island! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

Monday, July 18, 2005

It's not funny if I have to explain it.

It's been a bit of a stressful weekend - lots of things happening, lots of thoughts flying through, lots of fights and realisation.

A couple of books I bought off amazon.com have arrived in the mail today - just as well too - The Greatest Gift is almost impossible to read. It must have taken me 3 months now and I'm only half way through. Amanda said she'd be finished with the new Harry Potter by Tuesday, so then I can dig into that. Exciting! Although I already know all the spoilers off the internet - blast.

I became a class rep for my chemistry lab paper today. Apparently it looks good on the tertiary transcript. I guess it would anyways, if we ever received them - the Uni Staff Union have decided to withhold our results - we still know what we got, we just don't have any official proof of what it is. Also, they're striking on Wednesday which just happens to be the day for my four hour lab. So I guess I'll be nice and behind. On the upside, I don't work on Wednesday nights, so I'll have plenty of time during the day/evening to do the things I might enjoy.

I am still in the overdraft this week - seem to always come up with something new to spend money on. Thinking it might be a good idea to get someone else to pay next time! Will try and not go out much.

Watched Taking Lives the other night - Ethan Hawke and Angelina Jolie. It was a director's cut, very gory, very graphic, not a very clear plot line, but Angelina does get naked and puffed up with Ethan.

I've ripped all my CDs now - even the Russian ones. Now what do I do with them? Seems like a waste having them just lie there. Might sell or give them away I guess. Just sold the Dilbert DVDs today. CSI and Angel still to go.

Funny - the day I sell Dilbert DVDs, the Dilbert books arrive in the mail! "It's not funny if I have to explain it" and "The Religion War".

Time for bed.

P.S. He looks so adorable sleeping.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Entertainment Tonight

Went out to Syn with the usual crowd last night for someone's birthday. Being that it was the usual crowd, a few alcoholic drinks later, most were kissing and some were bearing their skin. Don't know how it always comes down to it. I guess geeks are horny this time of year. It seems to involve more and more people each time. Friday night is promising to be good - someone's apparently hot girlfriend is coming down, and the night will undoubtedly end at Santa Fe. Amusing++

I somehow spent all my money this week, not looking good for entertainment for Lana. I don't like being in the negatives.

Today is a bit of a write off - can't sleep in because work is busy, and time to get up soon to go to Uni, then come back and work some more. Good for the bank balance I suppose. I really want to have a long hot shower, but no time to have it. Will see if I can squeeze it in between coming home from lecture and starting work again.

Also going to see Ghost in the Shell 2 at the Embassy on Friday night, hopefully it's not too boring. A co-worker asked to swap Saturdays this week (so I'll be working 3-11pm), so at least I'll get to sleep in and go to brunch if there is one.

Got Wildheart Vest in a raid last night - four pieces of set armour now. Woot. Was worth staying up for! Even though I was drunk, hungry, followed by hungover and sleepy - it took a few hours you see...

P.S. People have soft hands.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Diels Alder - chasing the arrow

I have thirty minutes before I finish work, and some people are clammering for an update (got knows why, it's not like I'm a literary genius!), so I thought I'd oblige.

This is the second week of Uni now. The chemistry labs are quite fun - fully autonomic, do what you want, follow the lab notebook, just ask for help if you need to. Feel like I've been chucked into a giant pool and I haven't learned my backstroke!

So, now I'm having yet another ICQ argument (or fun-filled discussion if you may), I seem to have them fairly often now, so the next few paragraphs are probably just me venting.

Recently I've been learning a lot of new interesting definitions: new meaning of what friends are, and new meaning of fun is, and new meaning of what kissing actually entails. It's all very amusing. Feels like I've been living under a rock while they've updated the dictionary. Turns out you don't tell your friend everything, turns out you can kiss people you don't want to go out with just for fun, and turns out if a guy doesn't speak to you for a day he might just be shy or busy and not uninterested.

I always thought a friend was someone you could tell anything, someone who would come to your rescue at a drop of a hat, someone who would confide in you any time any place. And everyone else is just mates. But hey newsflash, turns out you don't have to tell friends everything. *Shrug* I'd rather not have any friends if I have to put restrictions on my friendship output. Seems safer that way.

Safer and cuddly and warm and soft at home, fire, or blanky, a nice hug, warm hands to hold, wouldn't that be nice. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, thought derailment! Damn, can't even be depressed properly. Was all cheery this morning, skipping down the road to the bus stop with my iPod. What can really be happier than iPod Walking? It's a gadget of divinity! Like strawberries and cream, like salmon from Zibbibo, like mashed potato on a stormy night; is it wrong that most nice things I can think of are food? Damn you, Jenny Craig!

I think I've watched far too many romantic movies in my time. I need to see Closer until my eyes bleed and I get this stupid notion of Prince Charming out of my head. Gah, I just want flowers and cuddles. Damn you, Hollywood!

Woot, home time! (oh wait... I am home). Still.

P.S. Tiny acts of romance from people you're actually interested in are much more fun than receiving three bouquets on Valentine's Day and none of them from the people you want.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rollercoaster vs Train

I am sitting in the Number 18 bus at 8.30 on a Tuesday morning. Chemistry lecture isn't too far away now.

As we come to the roundabout where the fate is decided between Number 18 and Number 12 routes, our driver takes the wrong turn. Instead of going through the roundabout again, he carries on the Number 12 route until he comes to a blind corner on the main road. It's at this opportune moment that he decides to make a U-turn in the peak hour traffic. He turns, he backs, we stop.

Rush hour traffic. Main road. Bus blocks the entire passage way by virtue of being stuck half way into a hill. The battery is dead. The bus is firmly embedded in the foliage. People start laughing. It's at this moment that we decide that this is the most amusing thing that has happened in weeks, and are quite stimulated by its happening. The bus driver can't be feeling too good about now. Half of the bus's population departs.

Luckily for us, a truck pulls over with some ropes, and they manage to get the bus out of its comfy picnic area. Poor bus, it really liked the frolicking in the bush.

Surprisingly I still get to the lecture on time. Fun. Aromaticity and Diels Alder cannot be missed.

Five of my friends have recently entered into relationships. I passed all my first trimester papers. I got the work hours I wanted. I've been really enjoying Gilmore Girls. Been at Uni only two days and already it feels like three weeks. Amanda claims to not hate me afterall. I've got a beautiful bunch of tulips in the lounge. The flu seems to be getting better.

So, overall, I guess, everything is on the up and up. It's a rollercoaster. Trains are so much more peaceful.

P.S. girls are soft.