Sunday, January 16, 2005

Witches Abroad

Work last night was kinda amusing. In that stressfull, far too busy, shop full of retards way.

I got there at five pm, and the queue was non stop till 7.30 when I got to go on my break. There were so many people that we had all the check outs open and the queues reached the bread isle.

But of course everyone would come shopping at once. Probably the warmest sunniest day in the last 5 months and everyone goes shopping. Yep, sure makes sense.

Some customers deserve a special note. The rabbit lady was back. She owns 13 rabbits, and lives by herself. She comes into to shop and also gets free leftover leaves from produce. I fear this is going to be my romantic fate in not too many years.

Then there was the gittery man knob that can never make up his mind, talks too much and swears like a sailor. His card wouldn't swipe in the next checkout over. He swore and swore and tried and tried. I gave up paying attention. Then he comes over to my checkout, buys a paper, and the card swipes fine. So I ask him if he wants to get some cash out to pay for the groceries he couldn't pay for at the adjacent checkout. At which point he starts swearing and tells to get a life because he paid with cash. He pulls out a giant wad of 50s. Then he decides he doesn't want to pay for the paper but is going to take it anyway... He finally left after I wrestled the Dominion Post from him.

At about 10 to 10, we started announcing on the PA system that the store is about to close and would everyone please bugger off. But noooo, people wander up and down the isles like a badly nourished herd of sheep. Wasn't until quarter past that we finally shut the doors.

One of these ever so bright customers told me that I look like Willow off Buffy (with my new hair and all). Hooray, I thought to myself, now I just need to become a lesbian and perhaps my witchy powers will surface.

The End.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flat on my back

I have spent most of today lying in bed. Must say I am enjoying it. You see the wow server didn't crash at 2am last night like it had been for the last month, so I didn't notice how late it was and ended up playing till 3am. By this time my mental capacity had completely detiriorated, I screwed up all my quests, and got my group member killed. Needless to say he pulled an aggro and logged off in a huff. (He did come back on icq to say he's not angry and it's just a silly game and he's tired, but that is moot now). I know I was screwing up. At that point I must have been pretty tired because I ended up doing what a 5 year old would do in this situation and cried myself to sleep.

I think all the day's disappointments stemmed directly from me dying my hair. You see, I somehow expected to get guys queuing after me but when no one even seemed to notice, the day went downhill. Rejection doesn't have to be outward to result in dejection it seems.

It was basically one of those "all dressed up and no where to go" days. I did go to the movies though. We saw Ocean's 12. Great movie, similar to Ocean's 11. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are still hot. Matt Damon is funny to look at after watching Team America. Lots of inside jokes it seems, and heaps more general humour than the first movie. I hate to admit my apparent stupidity but I got lost somewhere in the end of the plot line and still don't quite know what happened in that movie. But still, it gets rating of Worth Seeing from me.

Amanda is still in Taupo. I got a postcard from her today that she sent from Dubai. Very sweet.

Met up with Chris Chapman for a coffee yesterday afternoon. He and I did German at Goethe together. He gave me an early birthday present because he won't be able to make the party. It's the world's smallest cheese grater. It would be too small for Mini-Me. But it's totally adorable! He's going to Europe at the end of the month, so I am looking forward to more postcards :)

Geoff my flatmate is going to a wedding today. Seems like everyone is getting married this year. It's a conspiracy I tells ya. He gave me a maglite so I don't fall down the cliff again coming from work. Fingers crossed I make it home safe.

Watched the latest Cold Case today, it's still a good show. Watched NYPD 24/7 on TV the other night. Also an interesting show. Made more weird by the fact that it's not fictious. Real life stories seem far more brutal than any writers can make up. Odd.

Looking forward to getting my Sunday Star Times in the mail tomorrow. Now that I live in the wop wops, it seems easier to subscribe to it than going out for Sunday brunch in town every week. Hopefully Raybon Kan is back from holidays and will have an article in there somewhere. It's the only reason I read the paper.

Over and out.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Bloggy Bloggy Bloggy, Bork Bork Bork

So this new year resolution that I should blog only about events and not silly feelings is working out in favour of my laziness. As you can see no updates for a while. Lucky for someone the WoW servers are down for an extended period today and so I might as well write an entry before my brain fills up with events and starts purging.

So let's see what's been happening. Last Friday the movie night choice was The Incredibles. Still not as good as Ice Age, but pretty funny. The animation of hair was amazing. And I really liked the mini movie at the start Boundin'. The story of The Icredibles was a bit flatter than I'd expected, but still a few random quirks in between saved it. Thumbs up.

I got my christmas present in the mail from mum - a home baked fruit loaf. That lasted me through to the 7th. Pretty tasty.
Speaking of NZ Post, they successfully managed to lose a present I sent in the mail and now don't want to hear about it. It's all very frustrating. I filled out a compensation form and mailed it but I'm not liking my chances.

Work has been same old, same old. I've resolved to stop trying calling in sick because it just doesn't work. I might as well hang in there until Uni starts. Then I can reduce to just weekends, and after I've been there 6 months I will get a 5% lifetime Discount card and can quit justified.

The other day they got me to clean out the meat cabinet. Apparently it hasn't been done in a very long time because I discovered bits of meat at the bottom that were green in colour. Except as one dead insect. It was exciting. Especially considering that one cannot clean out the cabinet without shoving half of your body into it and twisting in amusing ways. So now body aches in all sorts of places.

Speaking of aches, I fell down the cliff the other night. The bush walk is really slippery and 10 pm there is absolutely no light. So here I was walking merrily along, planning my birthday party, as KAPOW, I'm sliding down the cliff side. It was really odd because I remember thinking - so is this what love is like, comes when you lease expect it, who would want it when they least expect it, how stupid...

Anyhow, I tried to get back out but the dirt was all slippery and I kept sliding back down. At this stage I'm thinking this only happens in the movies, in real life people don't get quick sand effect in the middle of Karori. Just as all hope was lost, this guy shows up. And I mean that is so very random. No one usually walks anywhere near the bush track, let alone on it, as it only leads to like three houses. More random however, is that he's carrying a vacuum cleaner. So this random guy at 10 pm, in a bush track, with a vacuum cleaner, pulled me out from the cliff side. He walked behind me all the way up the track. And then he says: "You're pretty brave to be walking here in this hour". And I think: "Oh crap, please don't kill me, Mr Vacuum Cleaner Man". Needless to say I walked up that track faster than my heart would allow it. When I got home, I discovered that I was covered in a cake of mud. Mmmm mud.

What else, what else. WoW has been pretty good. I somehow inadvertently managed to subvert all the people I know into playing it. So now I have no friends.
I'm going to dye my hair today, it's due for a colour boost. Hopefully it doesn't come out with polka dots.

Somewhere in the midst of all the events above, I've been having some really bizarre dreams - that I had septocemia, AIDS, fungal outbreak, and today it was topped by muppets on stage singing in Italian. You'd think sleep is brain's way of dealing with every day problems, but no obviously my brain signed up to the plan where it just adds to them. Stupid brain.

And that's all folks.

Monday, January 03, 2005


Today's title is brought to you by a musical box filled with biscuits I saw for sale at Woolies. It's a Winnie the Pooh item.

I went to see Blade Trinity on Saturday, excellent movie. Non stop action, plenty of beautiful muscle tone and kick ass moves. Jessica Biel is hot, and I've loved Ryan Reynolds ever since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Dominic Purcell is also charmingly engaging even for a bad disgusting monster dude. He looked so familiar and only just now I've looked up IMDB and turns out he was John Doe from the tragically cancelled series.

Went and played some Xbox games afterwards - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is an awesome game. It's so goth and dark, I love it. It starts off by saying that if you are looking to save the world, or cast spells, you should change the games now, if you are waiting for a happy ending, walk away. "There is no happy ending in this game, in fact there is no happy beginning, nor any happy things in between". There are two kids and one baby. The baby can chew through lead piping and doors, the girl is a McGyver, and the boy knows words like tetraphenol sodium hydroxide and acoustic resonance. I haven't seen the movie, but playing the game enticed me. Of course there is no way I can convince anyone I normally go to movies with to come and see an apparently kids entertainment. I might have to wait for Amanda to get back or get the film through nefarious means.

Went and had coffee with Alan yesterday. Good cake at Cafe 162, with a cherry on top.
Finally got the mouse power supply from Geoff, so I can use this fandangly MX700 and feel like a real man. Or something.

We installed Teamspeak, so now, when playing WoW, we can just talk instead of all the typing. Brilliantly social concept actually. I got so wired last night I couldn't sleep.

Of course work rang me this morning. They have rung me every single day I am not rostered since the day I started. I don't want to even work the days I am rostered, let alone the ones I am not. I used to try and make up excuses, saying terribly sorry but I am busy with more important matters, please forgive me. Now I just say no and hang up. Goes well with some of my NY Resolutions I am sure.

So I am a bit sleepy but the day doesn't wait, must get out there and kill some Yetis.