Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aggravation and loop holes.

Argh so annoyed - replied to a text and it tells me i don't have enough funds.. ring *333, it says I've only sent 40 texts since I topped up. Ring customer services they say that i've used up my 10 dollars on texts to 021 and only the first ten texts to 027 activate the 500 texts deal.

Look up the Telecom site, nowhere there does it discriminate between 021 and 027 for the text deal. Annoyed. Again.

Ring back customer services. Again.

Now things are making sense - I topped up and then made a phone call and browsed the WAP. So I had ten dollars, sent 40 txts at 20c each and ran out of credit. So because I hadn't sent the 50 texts yet, the 500 txt deal hadn't activated.. so if I top up with 2 dollars, I can send the extra 10 messages and activate it for the rest of the month... of course the clever catch is I can't top up with just two dollars because minimum is $10. But the $8 will carry over for the next month. *sigh*

Lesson of the day: Don't make calls or browse WAP after topping up. And someone should fire the first customer rep.


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