Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wellington, NZ

The flight back was quite good. Didn't feel as long, and I am sure Qantas in flight entertainment has a lot to answer for that. For my lack of sleep also, I imagine.
The planes are fitted with personal screens and handsets for all passengers. There is a choice of about 5 movies and 5 other video channels, 13 radio channels and 10 games. One can also call and send SMS from their seat if one is so inclined.

Needless to say, I played a lot of tetris. I also watched in full Dodgeball, Envy, and I, Robot. I must say dodgeball exceeded my expectations. When I watched the previews a while back, I thought it was going to be a shitty retard-o movie, but it was actually quite funny and sweet. Envy wasn't too bad either. I, Robot's ending sucked and I wasn't overly impressed with the cheesy CGI.

There was this amazing Australian comedy (a TV series) that was just like The Castle. I have no idea what it was called, but it was brilliant. So bloody funny. Just like The Castle, it had a narrative voice over. And the same over the top accent. I must find out what it was and get it on dvix or dvd.

Food and in flight speef were impressive also. I didn't order a vegetarian meal but still managed to get away with it as for dinner there was a salmon lasagna, and for breakfast scrambled eggs.

I also got given socks and a toothbrush. And during the "night", we got given a snack pack in case someone got hungry or thirsty until breakfast.

In fact, I was so impressed with Qantas over all the other airlines I've flown with this month, that I have joined their frequent flyer programme and am hoping to clock up more points soon. Hell, maybe I should become a flight attendant :)

Oh, on the plane from Auckland to Wellington, I got to sit next to Raybon Kan, my hero. I guess the trip wasn't a complete waste of time and money now :D

The day I arrived, I was completely wasted. Fell asleep on the train, dreamt of flight attendants bringing me coffee. Tragic really. I came home about 8 pm and slept till 6 pm the next day. Everyone needs a good sleep I say.

Finally I get to use my own computer. Seemed just like an extra use of space taking to europe and not ever needing it really.

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