Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sunny Wellington, an oxymoron?

So Monday came. I knew I should go out and sort out some things. Phone, money, job.
First time I set a foot outside in four days.

Andrea and Paul went to Martinborough on Sunday, came back early Monday morning, sunburned to hell. They dropped me off in town as they went to work.

First things first, I was feeling quite quesy so headed to Sardines to get some breakfast. Little did I know that my stomach wouldn't accept even delicious hot way too expensive scrambled eggs on toast. Ah well, I tried.

Onto Vodafone shop, enquired about getting my phone unlocked. No such luck they say. Buggar.

Went to another Vodafone shop in Manners Mall, the asian guy there suggested I try the phone place at the top of James Smiths. Headed there, they don't open till midday.

Walked up to Studylink, asked to be signed up for Unemployment Benefit Student Hardship. You have to be registered with Student Job Search. I was, but over summer everyone has to re-register.

Walked back down Willis St to Manners. Just as I turn around the corner, my bus is at the lights. I knock on the door in hopes to still catch it. The lady opened. I thought it was a mighty nice gesture.

For some reason, the trip on the bus was like a tour. Everyone chatted as if they knew each other. Then at Lambton Quay, this guy gets in. At first I thought he was retarded but now I think he was just mangled a bit. He sits down opposite me and starts a conversation. Turns out 5 years and 9 days ago (!!), he got too drunk in 7th form and fell down from a second story of a building, landed on his right hand side, now he's lucky to walk.

This old lady across the aisle kept looking at us, obviously concerned at his chatty manner. Then she goes to him "Do you know where you are going? Do you know where you have to get off?". He says "Of course I do". Then turns to me and starts telling me how some people in Wellington are just looney.

On the Terrace, this Pacific Islander woman gets off, sits next to me. I didn't really look at her. Then I glanced over and her arms were shaved, some stubble showing. I was like, fair enough, lots of people shave for the summer, might be easier than waxing or whatever. Then I look up to her neck and it's got a stubble too. Five o'clock shadow you might say. Yeah, it was a dude.

My newly found friend, Anthony, also tried chatting to her. She got all freaked out and moved up to another seat.

At this point the old lady is chatting some indian woman with a child.

It was so surreal, all these people coming together for one bus trip, all so weird and strange, all becoming friendly for that fleeting moment.

New Zealand, Wellington, the land of happiness and sunshine. Felt like I was watching a TV program, not there.

Anyways I went and registered with SJS, got some job referral that never answered my calls, never mind. Headed down to Hunter building and gave my details to Studylink. Hopefully the dosh will be good. They can't tell you how much it'll be, not like Student Allowance, here they decide individually. One would hope it covers my rent.

So then I caught a bus back to James Smiths. How gutted was I when I looked at the opening hours of that shop once again and realised it's not even open on Mondays!

Walked down to Dymocks, couldn't resist and bought Trace by Patricia Cornwell. Damn, hardbacks are expensive.

Walked some more, grabbed a potato gratin from Wishbone, got a train home.

The gratin managed to last me two meals as I almost threw up the first time. Tasty.

Came home, went to sleep. I've completely screwed up my bodyclock this time around. I stay up all night, reading, watching tv, talking to Chris. Sleep all day. Sleep just seems so much sweeter in daylight. No idea why.

I've gotta get back to normal hours today though - Amanda is coming back tomorrow. She'll be ringing me, and I'd better answer.

The wonderful sun didn't last long. Today it's full on torrential rains. Suits me just fine though - still have about 8 episodes of various stuff to watch and 2 books to read. Probably should find a job though, hmm.

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