Thursday, November 10, 2005

I think I'm melting.

I live in Auckland now. Auckland totally blows goats. It's hot, it's humid, it's noisy, cars everywhere, no one follows the road code, people everywhere, they don't walk on the left side of the sidewalk, did I mention it's stinking hot? /cry

We drove up on Saturday instead of the originally planned Sunday due to some unexpected circumstances. Overnighted in Taupo. I must say, Taupo is a very nice place. And the drive from Wellington to Taupo is very pleasant. Lots of pretty views, not so much traffic, it was fun.

Taupo to Auckland was a little less friendly. Although Taihape was great. We've discovered that the coffee from BP Ultimate is actually really decent. Wild Bean Cafe - it's the one with the ads where the guy doesn't want to come in for a coffee. Still lolling at that one.

Arrived to Auckland at about 2pm on Sunday. Piggy made it ok, I think he even enjoyed the ride, pigging out on the millet the entire trip. I got a sore back from checking up on him every five minutes. I wouldn't make a good mother.

A bit of drama with mother, a few adjusting strangenesses, a few growing pains. Not so pleasant. Visited some people a few times, caught up with a few friends. Those things were really nice. The internet was up on Tuesday, by the end of Tuesday night, I had it all set up and going - went to bed at 2am Wednesday hehe.

On Wednesday I attempted to catch a bus to my new place of employment, HortResearch. Hopefully I will be on time to start work on Monday morning. Got my monthly bus pass today, 108 dollars, sheeesh. Bloody Auckland. It's still hot. Need to get a fan or something, there is like no airflow in this city, just heat and cars. Ugh. Left window open overnight, now I'm covered in mosquito bites. I lived in Wellington for three years, never got one. Ugh.

It's been a pretty good day today though - went to Mission Bay, got some Movenpick ice cream, watched the world go by. The hard stuff will start tomorrow - I'll be alone...

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