Sunday, February 26, 2006


After a three month stint in Auckland, I'm finally back in Wellington, where it's windy, mosquito free, and you can wear a jersey any day of the year (at least in my room), gotta love them winter clothes.

Working at HortResearch was an interesting learning experience. I picked up a few new lab skills that I'm hoping to put to good use in the future, but also learned a few things about people and stuff (TM).

Good to be back, all in all. Uni is starting tomorrow. Final year, scary. Picked up a law paper this year, will see how it goes - haven't done a humanity paper before (well, except German, but that hardly counts).

Still playing WoW - great to have an addiction to fall back on if anything goes haywire in RL, tbh.

Still living in Karori, but might have to look for a smaller place at some point - Telecom isn't promising any bigger internet caps, and it's hard to have 10Gb between five people, especially when one uses up 8Gb a month (grr @ flatmates).

Piggy is still alive and rather well. I've got him eating vegetables now, he's especially fond of basil and broccoli, not so keen on any fruit though. I'll probably be getting him a friend fairly shortly so he doesn't get so bored hanging out by himself.

Went out to Strawberry Fare last night, the service is shit is usual, but the desserts haven't disappointed. Thinking of going to Il Casino at some point, it's always looked flash from the outside, and what else is student loan good for.


Tic Tac Addict said...

Played any other MMOs? What race is your character on WoW? PVP server?

Alan Howard said...

Welcome back to Wellington. :-)