Saturday, December 04, 2004


blogs are funny things. Well, not haha funny, but sort of reflect on life funny. Odd.

You'd be sitting there, enjoying the most beautiful sunrise, looking over the hills of wellington from your floor to ceiling windows, having your scrambled eggs and salmon, or viewing the sunset while sipping a glass of desert wine; and you'd think to yourself - "I could write a really good blog entry right now". And you don't, seeing how you're busy enjoying whatever it is you're doing.

A few hours or days pass and you think, I really should write that down, but then you realise the moment has passed and the lyrical wax has crusted over and is no longer waxing.

a pity really, my dear viewers, because there were a lot of beautiful things to say.

A bit broke this week - paying bond, rent in advance, stocking up the pantry. Back into negatives. Hopefully the much awaited money should be transferred soon and I will be back to normal.

Hey, at least I got the internet back. And if all goes well, I might even see some of you on World of Warcraft soon.

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Alan said...

Photos? :-)