Sunday, January 16, 2005

Witches Abroad

Work last night was kinda amusing. In that stressfull, far too busy, shop full of retards way.

I got there at five pm, and the queue was non stop till 7.30 when I got to go on my break. There were so many people that we had all the check outs open and the queues reached the bread isle.

But of course everyone would come shopping at once. Probably the warmest sunniest day in the last 5 months and everyone goes shopping. Yep, sure makes sense.

Some customers deserve a special note. The rabbit lady was back. She owns 13 rabbits, and lives by herself. She comes into to shop and also gets free leftover leaves from produce. I fear this is going to be my romantic fate in not too many years.

Then there was the gittery man knob that can never make up his mind, talks too much and swears like a sailor. His card wouldn't swipe in the next checkout over. He swore and swore and tried and tried. I gave up paying attention. Then he comes over to my checkout, buys a paper, and the card swipes fine. So I ask him if he wants to get some cash out to pay for the groceries he couldn't pay for at the adjacent checkout. At which point he starts swearing and tells to get a life because he paid with cash. He pulls out a giant wad of 50s. Then he decides he doesn't want to pay for the paper but is going to take it anyway... He finally left after I wrestled the Dominion Post from him.

At about 10 to 10, we started announcing on the PA system that the store is about to close and would everyone please bugger off. But noooo, people wander up and down the isles like a badly nourished herd of sheep. Wasn't until quarter past that we finally shut the doors.

One of these ever so bright customers told me that I look like Willow off Buffy (with my new hair and all). Hooray, I thought to myself, now I just need to become a lesbian and perhaps my witchy powers will surface.

The End.

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