Monday, January 03, 2005


Today's title is brought to you by a musical box filled with biscuits I saw for sale at Woolies. It's a Winnie the Pooh item.

I went to see Blade Trinity on Saturday, excellent movie. Non stop action, plenty of beautiful muscle tone and kick ass moves. Jessica Biel is hot, and I've loved Ryan Reynolds ever since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Dominic Purcell is also charmingly engaging even for a bad disgusting monster dude. He looked so familiar and only just now I've looked up IMDB and turns out he was John Doe from the tragically cancelled series.

Went and played some Xbox games afterwards - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is an awesome game. It's so goth and dark, I love it. It starts off by saying that if you are looking to save the world, or cast spells, you should change the games now, if you are waiting for a happy ending, walk away. "There is no happy ending in this game, in fact there is no happy beginning, nor any happy things in between". There are two kids and one baby. The baby can chew through lead piping and doors, the girl is a McGyver, and the boy knows words like tetraphenol sodium hydroxide and acoustic resonance. I haven't seen the movie, but playing the game enticed me. Of course there is no way I can convince anyone I normally go to movies with to come and see an apparently kids entertainment. I might have to wait for Amanda to get back or get the film through nefarious means.

Went and had coffee with Alan yesterday. Good cake at Cafe 162, with a cherry on top.
Finally got the mouse power supply from Geoff, so I can use this fandangly MX700 and feel like a real man. Or something.

We installed Teamspeak, so now, when playing WoW, we can just talk instead of all the typing. Brilliantly social concept actually. I got so wired last night I couldn't sleep.

Of course work rang me this morning. They have rung me every single day I am not rostered since the day I started. I don't want to even work the days I am rostered, let alone the ones I am not. I used to try and make up excuses, saying terribly sorry but I am busy with more important matters, please forgive me. Now I just say no and hang up. Goes well with some of my NY Resolutions I am sure.

So I am a bit sleepy but the day doesn't wait, must get out there and kill some Yetis.


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