Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flat on my back

I have spent most of today lying in bed. Must say I am enjoying it. You see the wow server didn't crash at 2am last night like it had been for the last month, so I didn't notice how late it was and ended up playing till 3am. By this time my mental capacity had completely detiriorated, I screwed up all my quests, and got my group member killed. Needless to say he pulled an aggro and logged off in a huff. (He did come back on icq to say he's not angry and it's just a silly game and he's tired, but that is moot now). I know I was screwing up. At that point I must have been pretty tired because I ended up doing what a 5 year old would do in this situation and cried myself to sleep.

I think all the day's disappointments stemmed directly from me dying my hair. You see, I somehow expected to get guys queuing after me but when no one even seemed to notice, the day went downhill. Rejection doesn't have to be outward to result in dejection it seems.

It was basically one of those "all dressed up and no where to go" days. I did go to the movies though. We saw Ocean's 12. Great movie, similar to Ocean's 11. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are still hot. Matt Damon is funny to look at after watching Team America. Lots of inside jokes it seems, and heaps more general humour than the first movie. I hate to admit my apparent stupidity but I got lost somewhere in the end of the plot line and still don't quite know what happened in that movie. But still, it gets rating of Worth Seeing from me.

Amanda is still in Taupo. I got a postcard from her today that she sent from Dubai. Very sweet.

Met up with Chris Chapman for a coffee yesterday afternoon. He and I did German at Goethe together. He gave me an early birthday present because he won't be able to make the party. It's the world's smallest cheese grater. It would be too small for Mini-Me. But it's totally adorable! He's going to Europe at the end of the month, so I am looking forward to more postcards :)

Geoff my flatmate is going to a wedding today. Seems like everyone is getting married this year. It's a conspiracy I tells ya. He gave me a maglite so I don't fall down the cliff again coming from work. Fingers crossed I make it home safe.

Watched the latest Cold Case today, it's still a good show. Watched NYPD 24/7 on TV the other night. Also an interesting show. Made more weird by the fact that it's not fictious. Real life stories seem far more brutal than any writers can make up. Odd.

Looking forward to getting my Sunday Star Times in the mail tomorrow. Now that I live in the wop wops, it seems easier to subscribe to it than going out for Sunday brunch in town every week. Hopefully Raybon Kan is back from holidays and will have an article in there somewhere. It's the only reason I read the paper.

Over and out.

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