Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Enough bullshit for one day?

0730: Alarm goes off, I turn it off.
0830: Wake up realising I just missed the bus to my nine o'clock lecture.
0920: Go in with Amanda to 10am lecture.
1100: Have 2 hours break before my lab. Realise I should have skipped the 10am class.
1215: Order a toasted bagel with cream cheese and salmon from a local cafe.
1245: Inquire as to what happened to the above mentioned bagel. The order was lost.
1500: Realise that I am pouring the wrong chemical into my sample, ruin the lab results for me and my partner.
1540: The lab instructor visibly cringes as I approach him to ask a question.
1615: Finish early, catch a bus to Karori.
1646: At the Karori bus stop. The bus up the hill should be here at 1648.
1651: Ok, the next bus up the hill should be here at 1728, I'll go buy some food.
1720: Pretty cold, raining, getting dark.
1730: Ok, next bus up the hill should be at 1741.
1748: Flatmate arrives on one of the buses from town and goes shopping for food.
1802: Flatmate returns.
1810: The bus up the hill arrives.
1815: The bus gets eggs thrown at it. The driver won't shut up.
1835: Spend 20 minutes in the shower, trying to boil off my skin in disgust at the day.

Bought the new chilli tim tams today. They're shit.


Anonymous said...

Get ahold of FISH!! Good little book you might find helpful for days like those

perf said...

you don't update this very often do you evoke?