Sunday, November 26, 2006


I have managed to pass all my papers this year, woohoo! I now qualify for letters after my name - BBMedSc (MPMC). Of course I don't get those letters or the piece of paper until about May 2007. I'm still undecided whether to go to the ceremony or just get it by courier. In the three years of this degree, I have got one C and two C+, I think that's quite a good run.

Tomorrow I find out if I've got the fancy pants job I applied for (I've had two interviews already and have half the country rooting and praying for me, so it'll be a great big disappointment if I don't get it). Will say more about it later.

Have watched some promotional videos about Wii (already out in the States, coming here 7th of December) and it's so new and revolutionary that I have decided to get it. I of course need money first (see previous paragraph), but I will still have it on my wishlist until it arrives. The fact that you can play a tennis game as if you were really playin tennis is fantastic.

Played some NWN2, it's not bad at all, I'm enjoying it. A few bugs here and there and it gets somewhat chuggy if you play it for a few hours in a row, but there are upcoming patches that should resolve it.

Dinner tonight - mashed potatoes. Those instant ones that make half a metric tonne which you can then eat for the next week and a half. It's great.

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