Friday, November 03, 2006

A Graduate in Progress

With all the God's might and various other fortunate placements of time and space, I might have passed my exams. Psych on Tuesday, Cellular Regulation on Wednesday. It was only last night, but already it feels like a week has passed. Must be some sort of defense mechanism to deter me from going more insane.

I did get flowers though, was very nice and a total surprise. Usually I anticipate such things, but this time I didn't even think of it, so it was fantastic.

Won't know the exam results for about two weeks, but I'm sure the internet will be the first to know if I fail. Or pass. Whichever now really. Hoping hoping hoping.

How amazing would it feel to be a graduate. Oh it's probably nothing, people get degrees every year. I don't know, I just never thought I'd have stuck to it. Feels great. Don't feel like I know much more than I did three years ago though, so finding it a bit hard to 'shine' at the job interviews.

Still have an Open Poly assignment due on Monday, and its exam on the 16th, but they don't really matter - easy paper (VB.NET) and even if I fail that one, it won't change anything. You think it's a defeatist point of view, I call it umm something. Laziness is probably the right word. But I'll get it done, I always do. I procrastinate forever, and then BAM, stuff gets done. Like a charging up the combo points... maybe not.

Piggy hasn't progressed past taking food from my hand. Tomorrow I shall try turning his cage a bit to see if we can spice things up.

Sleep now I must.

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