Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

The day has come. The day one is supposed to spend with people that love them.

Andrea's presents were most delightful - they were exactly what I had planned to get myself, and now I don't have to :)

She got me an Angel Calendar, three lovely candles that smell delicious and fit perfectly into my empty candle holder, two nice smelling pouches of lavender, and a bird feeder.

Geoff got me a big eyed soft cuddly floppy puppy (a soft toy). So very sweet of him.

I am drinking a nice Pinot Noir as I am writing this, the dog is asleep, the cat has gone somewhere awandering. Black Adder is on TV. I've had a hot shower.

I watched When Harry met Sally just before. I'd never seen the movie. It was probably quite a silly thing to do watching it on xmas day while being alone. Yes, the festivities pretty much were over after I opened the presents and a few minutes later found out that the friends I was hoping would visit me today are either too busy, lazy or tired.

On the upside, I have about 6 channels of TV to watch movies about love and christmas cheer on, and two and a half bottles of wine to get through. Also, Andrea made me a nice quiche to eat. And there is christmas cake in the pantry. I brought over my book, my laptop, Psycho and Alice on DVD. And hey, I get to spend the weekend with the two people that love me unconditionally as long as I feed them - Martini the cat and Aslan the dog.

I will probably go and make the molted wine sometime soon, and warm up the quiche to eat - haven't had breakfast today.

I miss the idea of having someone. Not necessarily the person I was with last, just someone to care for.

Ah well, the point is to enjoy life. I am glad I am not playing World of Warcraft this weekend, that'd be the bottom of the barrel. Black Adder is much funnier when you're cynical and bitter. It's strange that a lot of jokes are about Germany.

I hope the people I care about are having a good one.

Over and out.

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