Thursday, December 09, 2004

Irony: Fe3+ + e --> Fe2+

So I got a job. Nothing flash. Understatement of the year. It's a job at the supermarket. Practically 25 years old, working in a supermarket. Yep, it's great.

Speaking of irony, I am working at Deli. I am vegetarian. Don't laugh yet, there is more.

The government pays me poor student summer benefit. If I earn 80 dollars before tax, they reduce this benefit by 70 cents for every dollar over.

I did some Maths 101, and with the hours that I have, payrate and the reduced-if-you-earn benefit that I am getting, for 15 hours of work I will get 7 dollars a week more than for 8 hours of work. That's right, my faithful readers, I will get 1 dollar an hour overall. Send no money now! Well, actually, do send money.

You can laugh now if you want.

Had my first day at work today. Got the uniform, oh how lovely it is! The hat and apron, the works!

It was Christmas Club night tonight at the supermarket. It was insanely busy, so I learned rather quick. We had a lot of giveaways in the store. So much, that we got heaps of free stuff to take home. I don't mind!

Standing on your feet for 5 hours is hard work when you haven't done that sort of thing in 6 years, that's for sure.

I bought a computer desk from the Salvation Army the other day. For ten bucks, it's a steal! (probably literally) They're delivering it this Friday.

I'm hoping World of Warcraft is in stores on Friday. It'd better be, or else. What? nah just messing with ya. Will probably end up going out to a pub to test out the new no smoking law. Can't wait!

Anyhoo, the bed calls. Well, hang on, I am in bed.

Cheerio (that's a sausage)

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