Wednesday, February 02, 2005


so no updates for a long time, huh?
that's because nothing's been happening worthy of my typing prowess.

I did have a birthday and I got old and I had a birthday party and got lots of presents and affection from friends. It was three thumbs up.

I did quit my soul destroying supermarket job. It was fantastic.

I did lose five kilos, and god knows how that happened, but it must be a good thing.

I did realise I need no man to complete me - no one to whinge about my choice of music or TV channel, no one to nag me to go to the gym, no one to tell me what to wear, no one to tell me what to eat. I can watch stargate for 8 hours a day, or play WoW two night in a row, and no one can say anything to me that will make me feel inferior. It's supercalifragilisticexpealidocius.

Of course the minute I say that, I'll get 5 cards for Valentine's Day in the mail just to irritate me. I guess I'll start practicing the art of rejection I never learnt.

There will probably be more updates as Uni starts, but for now it's pretty much just laxing out in the sun and enjoying things. I have Angels and Demons to read as well, it sounds more interesting than Da Vinci Code was.

Here's a funny link for those with no heart.

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