Sunday, February 27, 2005


The other day I was lead to a discovery of Feedreader - the RSS reader of feeds. Instead of vising various websites every day, checking, hoping that they have posted something new, you run this program in your systray and if it spots some update, it lets you know just like an email program.

Of course, at that point I needed various feeds to test out the new fandangly holdy bendy technology stuff, so I trawled the 2005 Bloggies for suitable candidates.

The following is a list of feeds that rose up to the challenge:

Defective Yeti
Penny Arcade
Real E Fun
Geese Aplenty Word of the Day

there are a few others but they won't be as interesting for someone who doesn't know the authors personally.

So you see, it's pretty easy for me now to keep up with the sites I like to visit but don't have the attention span to visit every day. They now visit me! hooray...

The three people (by my calculations) that read my blog should definitely go and read those others.

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