Sunday, February 27, 2005

University Life

So the University year has begun and, as promised, I bring you a blog update. The problem with irregular blog updates is that you never know what to write. One could write the highlights of the day, the musings of the mind, or just plain old "I did nothing excited the whole week" speel.

It's sort of like when you have a friend or a relative you haven't seen in years, and then you realise you have nothing to talk about anymore; and not because you are no longer interested in the same things, but because you two have no longer similar points of discussions. You don't know their friends, they don't know. Your lives are worlds apart, and, well, literally, they are. That sentence has far too many commas, but I think they're grammatically well placed.

Aaaanyways, perhaps if I just start with whatever comes to mind, I will eventually have something to blog about.

Uni has been pretty hectic. My timetable is full - start at 9am, finish at 6pm, five days a week. There are such annoying things as 4 hour breaks on Monday and Wednesday, and you may notice me blogging at those hours from the Uni computers, when I'm supposed to be doing some homework I bet. I tried bringing my laptop into uni (they've just installed a wireless network), but the hassle of carrying two bags on a full bus, followed by complete lack of information on how to get wireless going or who's responsible for its support proved to be an exercise in futility. And besides, the internet usage on wireless gets charged to the uni computer account anyways, so I'm just as well off using the PCs already provided.

The first day was stressfull because I was there for hours and hours and learned nothing. First day is administrative really - they tell us when the labs/tutorials/exams are and how much we need to apply ourselves to pass. Of course that usually takes only half a lecture and then the professors start on the first topic, so it's a good idea to actually go. Still, half of the class don't, and then the lecturer has to repeat the same stuff on the next day. Good god, how I hate repitition. I don't even watch movies more than once.

The lecturers I have this trimester are really an international cast - we have german, british, australian, canadian; one wonders if this brain drain is for real. But I guess while our teachers are running off for greener overseas pastures, their international counterparts are coming here. So it's not so much of a drain as a swirling of knowledge in the great cup that is Earth.

I managed to get my books for free from my flatmate. He did a similar degree a few years ago and kept the books - so now he's let me borrow them. Although I don't know how much reading I will be doing. Just like last year, the lecture notes are provided and one should only really consult the books if one fails to understand the topic. I do have a lab report due on Tuesday though, I should really do something about that.

Oh that's right - the lab! I got to do IVF on sea urchins. Lovely creatures, I was rather upset that they let them die afterwards, but such is science I suppose. My sea urchin eggs were fertilised by the sperm from the male sea urchins. They progressed well for a couple of days, but unfortunately they all died on Friday. Other people's ones are still swimming around. Luckily I don't get marked on the vitality of my sample. I have to write all about it by Tuesday and draw lots of pictures. I did some work already and I guess I'll finish it off in the four hour gap on Monday. Hopefully I don't start the year off with failing everything. This is the first time I am doing something for longer than a year - usually I bail out at about 8 to 10 months of being in a relationship, on a job, in a flat, etc. Time will tell I guess.

The guys are organising some sort of brunch thing because the WoW servers are down, so I'd better get dressed and get going.

Ciao (I so want to learn Italian)

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