Thursday, August 18, 2005

Affinity Constant

I admire those people that have the dedication to post insightful blogs on almost daily basis. It's either their dedication or just plain ability to word boring happenings into interesting write ups. Whichever it is, /cheer.

I am on Uni holidays now. Turns out I'm broke, so trying to work as many hours as I can grab during these two weeks.

Have switched over to EQ2 from WoW. For about three weeks now, whenever I'd log on to WoW, all I did was chat and faction grind and browse the AH. It just wasn't really fun anymore. I think the server moves are in part to blame - lots of horde left, so not much in the way of AV anymore. Our guild is fairly small as far as 60s go, and some people have been stopping playing too, some moved servers, some got girlfriends, some just got plain bored. Whatever it is, EQ2 is holding my interest a bit more at the moment. Even though I don't have a guild and only know two people on the server, but all the stuff is new, the world is huge and levelling takes longer - so more chances to enjoy the game before it goes stale. Plus there is an expansion coming out already. Either way, nothing lost with WoW - they don't delete your characters when you stop paying: Want to log on? Just give us 15 bucks. That easy. My PC hates EQ2 though, it's a giant hog of a game. Hopefully it'll keep going the way it is with minimum settings, I can't really afford shelling out for a video card and a CPU just this minute. The atmosphere in the game is awesome - all NPCs actually have voice overs, there are even Heather Graham and Christopher Lee. The crafting is really immersive. The ambience sounds like bird chirping and dogs barking really get Piggy going so it's pretty amusing.

I have two assignments to complete by the end of holidays (otherwise I'll be really rushing), both of pharmacokinetics. I don't even know why they put the pharmaco bit in there, because it's all just maths, and not the fun kind. I've been getting so frustrated with them over the past two days, I'm sure I'll give myself an ulcer.

Jenny Craig has finally started working - doing well. Hopefully soon I'll be on half own food and will be able to save myself some money. Still, it's probably cheaper than shopping at the supermarket while eating the same amount.

Mum finally reregistered the car, so now I can have my license plate back. Not sure whether to put it on the scooter or keep it for later. Not sure whether to take a learn to ride course and start riding the scooter or sell it and just put the plate in my room. The course isn't cheap, I almost was going to do it this Saturday, but they said someone had uncancelled their booking and my spot got filled. Now I'm not so sure.

Stargate SG1 is getting better, but still very slow on development. They should have done it like previous seasons - individual stories for half a season, then one big bad guy story. Here they've got bad guys from episode two. Hmm.

Well back to work.

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Alan Howard said...

Ken and I are on a roleplaying server. We're developing Hunters, to be a Hunter-only party of 2. It'd be cool if you join us, if you're interested at all. At this stage we don't have any interest in joining a guild or starting one. We're (I'm?) just doing it for the fun of roleplaying a character in the game. We're trying to talk in-game as if we're the characters. Some need more practice, hey Ken... *grin*