Monday, August 29, 2005

Fresh New World

End of holidays. Back to Uni tomorrow. It's amazing how long two weeks can feel. I couldn't even remember my timetable for tomorrow or anything. It appears that two weeks in education industry are somewhat longer than two weeks for anyone else in the world. Bizarre. Or perhaps I'm going mad.

Then only six weeks from now I will have finished two years of university. This is huge. I have never done anything for two years in a row before. Should be interesting. I sure hope I don't cave in at the last week and actually give up the game (as I normally tend to do).

You'll be all pleased to hear that the dreadful EQ2 issue has been resolved. Thanks to a couple of faithful listeners that brought me RAM. Turns out my motherboard doesn't like all its three RAM slots filled. And CPU doesn't like having two slots of RAM filled with different amounts of RAM. The only solution was to sourced two sticks of 512. Works like a charm. I threw many a tantrum and I'm glad that the people that were there to witness them are still my friends. Go team!

Of course just as the vast horizons of questing and MMOing have opened up, I feel myself drawn back to WoW - I am suddenly finding that giving it to farming is fun, and have discovered a somewhat interesting new social aspect to the game. But I guess I can chalk that down to my crazy brain also. Never mind, the account expires on the 9th, no chance to obsess over non-existant things then.

I have bought the latest Jeremy Clarkson book - not the type where he rambles on about cars all the time, but I think it's the collection of his columns from Sunday Times. It's mighty hilarious. People on the bus were giving me square looks as I was giggling over his view on the world. Or more importantly his wording of his view.

I watched Top Gear on Prime tonight, it was comedy gold - he got these soldiers to chase in him in a tank while he tried to get away in the Range Rover Sport. It was fantastic. The man can get even non-car people giggling. Maybe it's the accent. Mmm.

Well, for the first time in 14 days, I will not be able to ignore my alarm in seven hours, so I'd better head to bed.

Good night!

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