Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Follow the leader

Sometimes I wish I had a PDA so I can blog on the fly as stuff happens, much like Rodney Hide - because it seems I often think about writing something in a blog, but by the time I get home and around it, it's already been hanging in my head for so long, it's all moulded (intentional spelling rearrangement) into something new and not so exciting. Or I just get bored with writing the stuff I've already written out in my head.

Uni has been tickey boo as per usual. The chemistry lab course seems to be swings and roundabouts - I have the labs three times a week and look forward to them, and I enjoy it when I get the product I expect. But sometimes, like today for example, I get the scientific equivalent of SFA work done and all my product is washed out and I get 0.002% yield and, well, it's very frustrating and makes me want to give up. I am not one of the most patient people (understatemnt!)

Have been getting lots more into WoW lately - working on an alt, as well as getting faction up on the main. It's enjoyable to know that I enjoy it. Not sure how to explain that one. Kinda like this: When I go to a party and no one talks to me and I feel all alone and wallflower-ish Vs When I choose not to go to a party and am actually physically alone but I don't feel like I'm missing out. Making a conscious choice to do something I enjoy however antisocial it may be seems more painless than trying to do stuff I'm not good at and miserably failing.

Jenny Craig diet isn't going anywhere - apparently I don't drink enough water to move stuff around in my system. I'm not gaining weight, I am not losing weight, atomic clocks could be calibrated by my weight actually. I promised the lady I'd drink more water this week, but I keep forgetting. When I drink water, I feel like it just fills me up all the way to the throat and sits there. Yuck. But I've been trying, will see what's changed on Friday.

A few weeks ago I volunteered to help ACT with their election campaign, so yesterday they've delivered two boxes of pamphlets that I can distribute around my suburb. Will get me walking at least!

I have another test on Monday - not looking forward to this one. Four weeks of physiology lectures are even daunting to think about. But I stressed about the last one and it was over in the end, so should be ok I guess - still don't know the mark yet!

Had a strange conversation with someone the other day - them wondering why the hell I don't have a partner or not looking for one. And I suppose it's kind of odd - me, the epitome of relationship girl, always on the lookout for one, always searching, and then, suddenly, completely opposed to the concept all together. Go figure. I guess I reached my saturation threshold. Enough is enough. Ha!

Just every time I think about a boyfriend I think of someone who will tell me what to wear, what to eat, when to go out, who to go out with, what to say, to exercise, to not choose certain hair colour, to wear skirts. Someone I'll have to spend time with and try to impress - it's not like you can just slide into marriage part of the relationship, you have to flirt and date first. Between uni and work, I have four evenings and one day free. Two of those evenings are good TV nights! And then there's WoW. Ha ha! I don't know, maybe just getting close to someone seems like a waste of time since they'll most likely dump me after eight months anyway - it seems to be the trend, even with friends and jobs.

Anyways, been writing too much - PDA would have increased post count, reduced amount of bologne, but them's the breaks.



Alan Howard said...

I know what you mean about how a PDA would make things so much easier! I'm wanting one myself, but until I get one, I carry a notebook (the paper kind!) and pen with me, so that I can jot down notes when I think of them, or even entire blog entries, which get transcribed later. It's so much more effective than trying to hold stuff in my mind.

Good luck with the Jenny Craig stuff! You just have to keep your goal in mind, and eventually you'll get there.

And as for relationships, it's great to see you taking time for yourself and actually enjoying your own company. It's about time. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm taking a guess at:

Night Elf Hunter...

What server?

Anonymous said...
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