Friday, March 18, 2005

Delicious apples

In all my infinite wisdom, I went and bought an iPod today. Really, it's all our lecturer's fault - he didn't show up, leaving me with a three hour break till my lab. The only reasonable resolution was to go shopping!

Amanda and I went down to town, oggled over the cheap iPods at Dick Smiths, made the shop assistant run around a little, and decided to leave. Then we went to Glassons and I bought this jacket/top that would just absolutely look awesome with white headphone wires, so.... I went back and got the iPod! Then I went and bought another warm top at Portmans, so overall not a bad day.

The spectrometry lab was extra fun - with IR spectra to analyze, I feel like a real lab technician now, I could even work at CSI NY. (That's the plan anyhu: A job at New York, mini cooper, and a summer villa on the beach of Naples). I shoot for the stars, so if I miss, I can still land on the Moon.

Mum's birthday is next Tuesday, and then Amanda's birthday dinner is on Wednesday (her birthday is actually on Easter Monday but she's going back to Taupo for that). So I have to think of a couple of presents! Thought of a couple of things for Amanda, but whenever I point anything out, she either doesn't like it or doesn't like the price, tough lady, I'll have to think harder.

The 209 test is on Wednesday, I'd better study! And the assignment for the same paper is the day after that! Ouch. All this work. But then I get two weeks break over easter and into April, so that's pretty sweet. Thinking of heading to Christchurch since Qantas are having a sale on - 49 dollars one way, pretty cheap if you ask me.

Didn't go to the movies tonight - first time I get to be home on a Friday this year. I am looking forward to just chilling out, cooking a nice dinner, and taking some time to relax. Work again tomorrow, so I don't get much of a weekend anyways.

Can't wait to unpack my iPod and give it a whirl :D

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