Thursday, March 17, 2005

Selling ice to eskimos

In an effort to get some extra cash, I signed up for the Avon Reseller programme. This is a process where I show you booklets of wonderful make-up and jewellery and gifts and various other womanly niceties, and you, my dear customer, say: "Ooh ooh, yes please, I'd like 2 of these and some of those!". Then I get enough customers to warrant 75 dollars worth of goods and send off the order to Avon, they send the stuff, I collect the money, pay Avon, keep the margin. Rinse and repeat. Sounds easy. They sent me all sorts of great brochures and samples and ideas, and I'm very keen, but the concept breaks down when one realises the following things:

1. 95% of the people I am acquainted with are male.
2. 98% of those men wouldn't even use a deodorant when asked nicely.
3. The 5% that are women are either full time studends and poor or don't use such products.

Yes, my business will be taking off in no time! NOT.

So yes, if you know anyone who would be interested in some Avon stuff, send them my way, STAT.

In other news, I won $100 at
I was pretty stoked, now just to wait for the cheque in the mail!

Still on the topic of money and selling things, I am trying to offload my collection of Angel, so that I can, barring a free gift from a mysterious stranger, acquire my very own iPod. The Angel DVDs are up on TradeMe.

I have a Proteins and Enzymes test on Wednesday. I am somewhat nervous because it appears I don't know much on the topic. In fact, I should be studying this very momeny, but, as is customary with such things, I am procrastinating.

I read a fair few blogs around the place and I find that not everyone can take the most meaningless boring day and still turn it into an interesting to read blog. I often wonder how that can be accomplished, but unfortunately successfull writers are usually too busy to answer my innane questions. I suppose all I can do is keep writing, or stop writing. I've installed a counter on my blog, so at least I can keep track of my virtual stalkers. Should be interesting to see what pans out - for all I know I am talking into an empty ether, in which case I might be able to write about things more personal, mwuahaha!

Meh, there's nothing to write about really now - I had all these bright ideas, but because I've already thought about them, I can't be bothered writing them out again. I have a phobia of repetition.

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