Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Insane in the brain

My name is Lana, I am 25, I enjoy reading, and I suffer from chronic crush syndrome.

That is, I get little crushes on just everyone I meet. "Oh he looked at me with a smile, I must get him to fall in love with me", "Oh my, she really looks hot in that top, I wonder if I could kiss her", "oh dear, that man offered me a lift, I must seduce him".
And it's not like I would follow through with it or anything, most of the time I show no outward symptoms even, just it dominates my thinking space for about two days and then I'm over it.

It's very much like a case of common cold, thrush, or mondayitis. It's there, it's annoying, then it's gone, and you don't even remember having had it.

Ridicilous, I know. I urgently require a frontal lobotomy. I hear an ice pick above the eye ball can do the job.

I finally have forced myself to finish off the lab report that is due on April Fools. One more responsibility removed from the shadow hanging over my holidays. Now I can lie in bed and do nothing all day and not feel guilty.

My god! Do you know how painful it is to do nothing all day? I have no idea how people manage it day in, day out. But then again, it's half past three in the afternoon and I still haven't got out of bed. So I guess I am not doing too badly.

I am going to the Norah Jones concert tonight. Geoff gave me a ticket for my birthday, remember?

I have only been to one other music performance before and it was Faithless in Auckland.

Of course, I've been to plenty of ballets and philarmonic orchestra concerts in my time (thanks Grandma!), but that's not exactly the same. A live singing performance has the possibility to disappoint. I hope it's good though.

Still trying to buy a scooter on trademe, and to sell my angel dvds. No luck so far, but who knows, the universe undulates in strange patterns. Time will tell. Unless I do get this frontal lobotomy, in which case time will stop being a significant concept.

Mmmmm Braaaaainnnnsssss...

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