Sunday, March 13, 2005


The weather is beautiful today in the capital of New Zealand. So beautiful even that I cannot bring myself to doing anything. I opened a beer (Monteiths Pilsner if you must know) and sat on the deck, taking in the smells and sounds of breeze, sunshine, and twenty odd degrees.

Butterflies hanging around flowers, a flock of birds camping our TV aerial, the air so clear that I can see to the other side of the harbour. Ahhh if only I had something to do that involved outside. Playing WoW on such a day seems a herecy. So instead I'll blog.

I made a really delicious breakfast this morning. I mashed up a can of salmon, avocado, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and some salt and lemmon pepper. Stuffed that concoction into pita pockets and added some fancy lettuce (the stuff that comes loose in bags). It was delicious with a cup of coffee and some music videos on TV.

Read the Sunday Star Times. Raybon Kan hasn't been funny since he got back from Thailand, or maybe it's because of his laser eye surgery - the world just isn't all that funny unless you have astigmatism? The first page of the Focus section told me that everyone has an iPod and how people should stop their own soundtracks to life and tune in to the sounds of the real going-ons.

Well, to me it just seemed like an ironic ad for the iPod. You see, for the past two weeks or so, every waking moment of my day I spent day dreaming about an iPod. It's an obsession. All I want is a little mp3 player with white headphones and a turny wheel and a piece of software that will magically move my mega mp3 collection onto this device. I think of you, my iPod, every day. I dream of you. My unrequited love growing stronger with every hour.

*ahem* Yes, my name is Lana, and I have a crush on a hardware device. If anyone is so rich and famous that they can gift me one, my address is 25 Alanbrooke Pl, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand, Planet Earth. That's right - Earth, where dreams may come true. Insert a Tui ad here.

*sigh* In other news, I have dropped the second major in my degree. One of the required papers for it is Cell and Developmental Biology, and in the first two weeks they taught me about genes named Bad, Wingless, and Sonic Hedgehog. I shit you not. This was followed up by such concepts as Programmed Cell Death, Destined to Differentiate, and Knows where it'll end up. No one told me that this paper had a prerequisite of Philosophy or Theology. Needless to say it didn't compute and I could do with less time at Uni anyhow. So, now you're looking at the proud one of 15 will-be graduates of Molecular Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry major.

That reminds me of another snag in my evil plan - in the paper today I noticed a short blurb about P making. The government (or its Medical Ministry of some sort) is about to approve the change from pseudoephedrine cold&flu medicines to the ones that don't contain it. Specifically so that there is a reduction in the methamphetamine manufacturing. There goes my idea of a mobile P lab as a summer job!

I got myself a little bit of a jobby, 32 hours a week, paying 10 dollars an hour. It's not much, but together with the student loan living expenses, I think I might be able to afford to pay my huge Credit card and Personal loan bills and avoid bankruptcy! Hooray for me. Also applied for a job at the Wellington MedLab, it's only on Sundays, but a great foot in the door of the industry I'm heading for. Let's all cross our toes and hope I get it.

I think that's about it as far as recent events go. Oh yes, I went to see Closer. Fantastic movie, albeit lots of people don't like it. In fact, most people I went to see it with said "so what's it really about?" I guess that's the beauty of it - the movie is just a look in the mirror. There is no plot as such, no great big message, no moral. Just a bunch of people that get together. Funnily, one of the scenes in the movie was almost identical to one of the scenes I lived in Germany. It was amusing for its similarity, but sad for its deja vu. Bad relationships are what people do best. At the end you realise that everyone is just like you anyways - human mind tends towards the dramatic.

The best line in the movie: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

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