Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Days of our lives

Not much on the news front - same old, same old.

So very much not studying for my test on Friday either, ah well.

Went out to Lindale for ice cream on Sunday afternoon - was a fun drive, love the trip to Lindale, the ice cream was good too.

The strangest thing happened tonight - I was watching Gilmore Girls (as you do) and the scene had a clock in it, and it read 9:12pm. At this point, I glanced over to my laptop and saw that the time was 9:12pm. Eerie, no?

I remember another strange TV related thing - one of the Cold Case episodes has my exact date of birth as one of its case dates at the intro scene.

And on Sunday, in NCIS, the character's last name was only two letters longer than mine and otherwise the same. My surname at that.

Well, so much for spooky, back to WoW.

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