Monday, July 11, 2005

Diels Alder - chasing the arrow

I have thirty minutes before I finish work, and some people are clammering for an update (got knows why, it's not like I'm a literary genius!), so I thought I'd oblige.

This is the second week of Uni now. The chemistry labs are quite fun - fully autonomic, do what you want, follow the lab notebook, just ask for help if you need to. Feel like I've been chucked into a giant pool and I haven't learned my backstroke!

So, now I'm having yet another ICQ argument (or fun-filled discussion if you may), I seem to have them fairly often now, so the next few paragraphs are probably just me venting.

Recently I've been learning a lot of new interesting definitions: new meaning of what friends are, and new meaning of fun is, and new meaning of what kissing actually entails. It's all very amusing. Feels like I've been living under a rock while they've updated the dictionary. Turns out you don't tell your friend everything, turns out you can kiss people you don't want to go out with just for fun, and turns out if a guy doesn't speak to you for a day he might just be shy or busy and not uninterested.

I always thought a friend was someone you could tell anything, someone who would come to your rescue at a drop of a hat, someone who would confide in you any time any place. And everyone else is just mates. But hey newsflash, turns out you don't have to tell friends everything. *Shrug* I'd rather not have any friends if I have to put restrictions on my friendship output. Seems safer that way.

Safer and cuddly and warm and soft at home, fire, or blanky, a nice hug, warm hands to hold, wouldn't that be nice. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, thought derailment! Damn, can't even be depressed properly. Was all cheery this morning, skipping down the road to the bus stop with my iPod. What can really be happier than iPod Walking? It's a gadget of divinity! Like strawberries and cream, like salmon from Zibbibo, like mashed potato on a stormy night; is it wrong that most nice things I can think of are food? Damn you, Jenny Craig!

I think I've watched far too many romantic movies in my time. I need to see Closer until my eyes bleed and I get this stupid notion of Prince Charming out of my head. Gah, I just want flowers and cuddles. Damn you, Hollywood!

Woot, home time! (oh wait... I am home). Still.

P.S. Tiny acts of romance from people you're actually interested in are much more fun than receiving three bouquets on Valentine's Day and none of them from the people you want.

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