Thursday, July 14, 2005

Entertainment Tonight

Went out to Syn with the usual crowd last night for someone's birthday. Being that it was the usual crowd, a few alcoholic drinks later, most were kissing and some were bearing their skin. Don't know how it always comes down to it. I guess geeks are horny this time of year. It seems to involve more and more people each time. Friday night is promising to be good - someone's apparently hot girlfriend is coming down, and the night will undoubtedly end at Santa Fe. Amusing++

I somehow spent all my money this week, not looking good for entertainment for Lana. I don't like being in the negatives.

Today is a bit of a write off - can't sleep in because work is busy, and time to get up soon to go to Uni, then come back and work some more. Good for the bank balance I suppose. I really want to have a long hot shower, but no time to have it. Will see if I can squeeze it in between coming home from lecture and starting work again.

Also going to see Ghost in the Shell 2 at the Embassy on Friday night, hopefully it's not too boring. A co-worker asked to swap Saturdays this week (so I'll be working 3-11pm), so at least I'll get to sleep in and go to brunch if there is one.

Got Wildheart Vest in a raid last night - four pieces of set armour now. Woot. Was worth staying up for! Even though I was drunk, hungry, followed by hungover and sleepy - it took a few hours you see...

P.S. People have soft hands.


Sebastian said...

hmm we should hook up. You are looking soooo good about now. We could have some serious fun

Anonymous said...

you totally have no morals, Sebastian.

Svetlana said...

really, you two can leave this discussion to your lounge.