Saturday, July 23, 2005

Repetition and Patience

I'm finding it somewhat amusing that I don't even remember what I write in my blog - I go to tell someone an original piece of news, only to be greeted with "I already know, I read your blog". This blogging business really eliminates any need for interpersonal relations.

I went to see The Island last night. A bit of a mind fuck of a movie, not too dissimilar from The Matrix. Nice overall, exciting action scenes, good actors, about 40 minutes too long for my attention span. As I do, I spent about 3 hours afterwards thinking about the message in the movie. It didn't feel too good. Just another organ plantation, my body. Maybe that's why I'm not a donor on my driving license. My body is for me, thanks very much. Maybe that's why I don't have life insurance - eliminates the possibility of someone killing me for money. Ooh paranoia, how I love you so.

But yeah, the movie was good. I especially liked the scenes where they showed how product lived day to day. I think I would enjoy such an existance - meals planned, clothes ready, nothing to worry about, everything provided. It's great and ignorance is still bliss.

Only three weeks till the next set of holidays. I have a test next Friday and an assignment due the day before that. I suppose I should make some sort of attempt at getting ready for those two events. Mmmm laziness.

Here's a dilemma: if you had two people whom you'd considered friends, and one told you something in confidence, and then the other one told you the direct opposite (also, in confidence), obviously you couldn't call either of them on it. Thus, how would you find out which one lied and therefore wasn't your friend?

P.S. I've decided there's more to life than belonging to someone. Uh oh, if I keep saying things like that, I might be the one sent to the Island! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!


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Maybe it's a bit like the two doors in the Labyrinth... ;).